Monthly Archives: February 2014

Photo Tip

Oftentimes photographing contrasting colors will help an image pop.

Happy Hippo

This hippo has reds in his skin set against a green background.


The yellow butterfly rests on white and lavender flowers.

Yellowstone Pool

The orange and blue of a Yellowstone pool makes an alluring abstract image.

Photo Tip:

These are the 3 most common amateur errors when photographing people or animals and trying to capture their personalities.

1.  You are not close enough to the subject.   Move in close and fill the camera frame or use a telephoto lens.   A tiny subject in the distance rarely makes an impact.

2.  You are looking into the light or the light is coming from above.   Backlighting is about the shape the subject but you won’t capture the details.  Top lighting brings out distracting shadows on the face especially beneath the nose and eyes. If possible, take your pictures where there is diffuse side lighting as in a cloudy day at dusk.

3.  You have the subject dead center in the fame.   Add more interest to your photo by placing the subjects face off center and looking towards the middle of the frame.   First Swim