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 Nothing enticed me to walk on my two broken feet faster than seeing a grizzly bear outside my patio door!   Eight weeks after painful foot surgery, I leaped out of the wheelchair and grabbed the long lens.   Luckily the bear was on the other side of the river so I didn’t have to worry about out running him.  Temperatures are warm this November in Wyoming, so the grizzly bears are still up foraging for food.

Building My Wall

Building My Wall

I thought of this image with all the talk of building “The Wall.”

We were in Namibia and this young elephant climbed over this short wall in order to get access to easy water.

Sound Familiar?


Fall Visitors



Lots of excitement around my home this morning. While soaking in the outdoor jacuzzi, I spotted what looked like cows next to my pond.  After a few seconds I realized that I was watching a Mom and calf elk.  So I darted out of the jacuzzi and grabbed my camera.  However, by the time I fetched the camera, they had disappeared.  I decided to hop back into the jacuzzi and enjoy the memory.   Just as I entered the jacuzzi again, I heard a loud “KABOOM”.  Uggg-a gun shot!!!!

My original thought was that a hunter downed one of my visitors.  I quickly dried off, grabbed my keys and camera, then jumped into the truck.  As I reached the end of my long drive, I spotted one of the moose but not the other.  My heart sank,  However, I did not see a hunter.

Then movement caught the corner ofmy eye as the young elk was trying to free itself of a barbed-wire fence.  )I had once learned that wildlife can get their legs caught in the wires of fencing and break them.)  Luckily this youngster didn’t break her stuck leg.  She struggled to get free and then once free she had a hard time jumping over the barbed fence.  The youngster made several painful attempts before clearing the fence and reuniting with Mom.   Both were safe and wandered up the creek.

Needles to say, later in the day, I cut down the dangerous barbed-wire fencing.

It’s been two years since I’ve seen moose in the yard so seeing them today was quite a treat.