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Studio Time

With multiple firings, I created these 19″x1/4″ glass disks.  Now I just placed them in the kiln on the molds which I prepared yesterday.

I’ll be heating them slower than normal as they are thick.

(200F/hr to 1180F) ( Hold < 1hr)(Cooling AFAP to 900F) (Hold 3 hr)(50F/hr to 700)

I have a couple of concerns:  1) Because of the sower rate, I might cause devitrification (scummy glass) 2) the edges of the glass disks extend a tiny bit past the edge of the molds.  Glass expands more than ceramic, so the edges might catch on the mold.

Keeping our fingers crossed!

In the Studio–Prepping Molds

Prepping Molds

Prepping Molds for Glass Platters and Plates

I decided to post what’s happening in my art studio in addition to posting photo tips.   Many people are interested in what I am doing, even when I bounce from one art medium to another.  I decided to let you see my process:

Today, I am prepping ceramic molds used for shaping glass.   I coated these molds in a refractory (50% aluminum hydrate and 50% EPK + food coloring) to keep the glass from sticking to the molds.  I must pre-fire the molds to about 400 degrees to get all the water out so that water molecules won’t bubble the glass.  Tomorrow they will be ready to receive the fused glass.